Your work matters.

I've always believed that your work matters - no matter what you do, no matter if you get paid for it or not - it all matters.

Whether your work is visible to others or not, your effort is important and our output is real. 

We all work. If it's part of our employment, then we put our energy and our time to better an organization. If it's part of our own passions, then we put our energy and time into bettering ourselves. Sometimes we just put time and energy into bettering others. 

We all appreciate good work, in all its forms. If we put in a hard day's effort on the job, the organization thanks us for it. If we do a deep reflection, our soul thanks us for it. If we see someone else put out great work, whether that be an amazing design, product, story or even an incredible feat of athleticism - we thank them for it through our purchase of their work or through a thank you note.

It's this idea, that work in all forms, matters - that inspired Ki. Ki Journals is about better work, smart ideas, creativity, intentionality, and the responsibility that each of us carries to put out our best work.  

To empower these concepts, we at Ki wanted to build a tool that was as important as the work inside. One that was inclusive, helping creators all types - designers, students, artists, team leaders, writers, even those that reside inside cubicles (that was me for many many years).

Which is why we created a notebook (or journal if you will) that not only looked important but, was also functional enough to take on all kinds of tasks. Our Muir notebooks are bound together with beautiful book cloth, the same you find on coffee table books and are available in four stately colors. Each of our pages is smooth, white as a cloud, and can easily be torn out of its stitching if the occasion calls (or kept together as one if preferred).

In the spirit of our best work and smart ideas, we built this notebook differently than any other notebook out there; with not only design but sustainability in mind. Using 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled paper, we are proud sponsors and practitioners of the circular economy. Moreover, the mills we source our paper from use clean energy and waste 80% less water than traditional paper mills. 

Design, Functionality, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Responsible, Intentional - no compromises. 

With that in mind, we invite you to join us, do better work, and create consciously.

Ki Journals - Create Consciously