Why Ki Journals Was Created

At Ki, we believe that your work matters. Whether that be work for your day job or work that you put in for your passions - it's your effort, time, and life. 

It's that love of the work that I do that drove me to create a notebook that was worthy of both the content that I create inside, but also one that stuck to my values of designing beautiful and functional products, made with fair labor and with least harm as possible to the environment.

Which is why every Ki notebook is carefully crafted by hand in the USA, helping us maintain strong quality control and ensuring a living wage for every person in the supply chain. In addition, we use the highest quality, whitest 100% post-consumer waste recycled fiber paper that is made chlorine free, from mills that use green energy and state-of-the-art processing that takes 80% less water than normal water production. We source from Benefit Corp. mills that not only use the cleanest processing but also help remove paper-waste from the landfill. 

Simply put, we've created one of the most beautiful and sustainable journals without any compromise. Nothing short of what you deserve for the effort you put into your work.

Whatever your work may entail - designing, writing, taking notes, drawing, or just reflecting - we invite you to put it into a notebook that was created with as much effort as you put into your work.

Create Consciously,

Neil Trivedi

Founder of Ki Journals